Skanky Sounds was founded to support local DJs and artists. To bring everyone together in one collective, to make the most of all our different talents and to give the local people the parties they need! The benefits of a collective are not only good sounds, styles and variation, but enables unlimited growth and therefore parties just get better and better.

Skanky Sounds now have a considerable amount of PA equipment, as well as two generators to power the system outdoors. We are very flexible and can cater for anything and everything. We’re currently running a 20k Void Acoustics Sound system (which we are very proud to own after all our hard work & effort with numerous inferior systems we’ve owned over the years) which we utilise whenever possible.

On the visual side of things Skanky have lasers, ultra violet and strobe lighting, as well as white outdoor floodlights. To enhance these lights Skanky have a big collection of decorations that transform even the grimiest of barns into an eye-catching and comfortable space to be in.

So get in touch if you are thinking of having a party or if you have any ideas of potential new venues that would be suitable for a Skanky Sounds party.